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"Water-soluble film eco-friendly laundry beads" is a new way of washing clothes🆕It uses a unique water-soluble film technology, which can not only effectively remove dirt, but also protect clothing fibers, making your clothes more durable, while also protecting the environment and doing your part for the earth🌍♻

Able Trillion water-soluble film environmentally friendly laundry beads do not contain any harmful substances and fully meet environmental protection requirements✅While washing your clothes, you can also protect every corner of the earth👍

In addition, our water-soluble film eco-friendly laundry beads also have a very high cleaning effect 🫧 can quickly and effectively remove dirt and stains on the surface of clothes, making your clothes shine again 🌈

Our products have unique fragrance technology, which makes your clothes emit a fresh and fragrant aroma, making you feel comfortable and happy every time you wear your clothes😌

In short, choosing water-soluble film eco-friendly laundry beads can not only make your clothes cleaner and more durable, but also protect the environment and the earth, and do your part for every creature on earth. 💪🏻

✅Environmentally friendly✅Deodorizing✅Soft✅Long-lasting fragrance✅99% antibacterial✅8-way cleaning power✅Does not contain any harmful substances✅Does not use bleach and fluorescent agents

Specification: 2 packs per set, 60 capsules in total Origin: China

AT Pods 3-in-1 Ultra-Concentrated Enzyme Laundry Pods (1 set of 2 packs, 60 pcs in total)

HK$136.00 Regular Price
HK$80.00Sale Price
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