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AT Smart

Building a brighter, more connected future for all. 
Welcome to the AT Smart City.

AT Smart was created with the people in connect. We’re enables both operators and users to experience the wonderful of electrical energy with our high-quality, reliable and readily available chargers. We make our Smart City possible in all ways.

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​ car charger


Reducing carbon emissions and developing smart cities are the future trends in Hong Kong, and electric vehicles are an indispensable and important supporting facility.

Therefore, Able Trillion is committed to providing customers with comprehensive one-stop charging station project management consulting services.

Based on different on-site environments and requirements, we will provide customers with the most suitable solutions to meet the charging needs of different brands of electric vehicles. We have a cloud management platform that is convenient for customers to use, and users can easily and in real-time check the information of chargers and the charging status of electric vehicles. The platform also provides different types of electronic payment options (including but not limited to VISA, Master, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc.), and continuously adds different electronic payment systems according to market demand. We will also check the on-site and power supply for customers, plan and arrange different types of construction projects, and provide customers with one-stop "engineering + installation + charging management services".

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Fast charging pile is a charging facility for charging electric vehicles. By using high-power charging technology, it can charge electric vehicles in a short time to meet the needs of transportation and travel. Fast charging piles usually support multiple payment methods, such as credit cards, Alipay, and WeChat Pay, making the charging process more convenient and efficient. Fast charging piles are an important supporting facility for realizing green travel of electric vehicles, and have important significance for promoting environmental protection and green living.

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