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AT Mask KF94 (gradient color)


1. Revolutionary mask design, breaking through the discomfort of using traditional masks

2. The four-layer filter layer can effectively block 98% (0.3 microns), 98% (3.0 microns), and truly effectively prevent the spread of diseases through droplets

3. 3D patented air chamber design, increased breathing space and excellent air permeability

4. The inner layer is made of superfine composite fiber, which has strong hygroscopicity and can effectively absorb moisture during breathing

Elastic ear straps are soft and comfortable

5. ASTM Level 3 & EN14683 Type IIR


Main application: hospital/ school/ pollen/ factory/ droplet/ research room/ public places

Product packaging: 30 a box


Precautions when using:
This product is a disposable disposable mask, which can be discarded after use and cannot be reused after washing

AT Mask KF94 Adult Earloop Medical Mask (Gradient Color)

HK$90.00 Regular Price
HK$80.00Sale Price
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