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The water-soluble pet poop bag is an environmentally friendly product♻ allowing you to clean up pet poop conveniently. 👍Lizhong poop bag adopts unique water-soluble technology, which allows you to easily dispose of pet poop, and at the same time protect the environment and do your part for the earth💪🏻


Lizhong poop bags do not contain harmful substances and meet environmental protection requirements. It is very convenient to use 😍Just put the bag on the glove, after picking up the pet poop, throw the bag directly into the toilet 🚽 to complete the cleanup effortlessly.


The specification and size of the pet poop bag are suitable for pets, and the quality is reliable, not easy to break or leak. In addition, the poop bag has a deodorizing effect, which can quickly and effectively eliminate odors, making your home environment more fresh and hygienic.


Choosing a water-soluble pet poop bag can not only clean up pet poop conveniently, but also protect the environment and the earth, and contribute to every creature on the earth. Let us work together to protect the earth!


✅Environmentally friendly
✅Toilet flushed away


Specifications: 20cm x 23cm / 1 roll of 10 pieces / 1 box of 3 rolls / 1 box of 30 pieces in total (1 month’s supply)
Note: Do not put it in a place where the temperature exceeds 37 degrees Celsius, and do not expose it to the air before use
made in China

AT Green Water Soluble Pet Poop Bag

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HK$49.00 Regular Price
HK$30.00Sale Price
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