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An environmentally friendly lifestyle starts with the little things around you! Able Trillion introduces new biodegradable disposable towels, so you can use them conveniently while doing your part for the environment. Our degradable disposable towels are made of pure natural cotton yarn biodegradable materials, and after a special treatment process, they can be decomposed and degraded in a short time, with little impact on the environment.


Our degradable disposable towels can be quickly decomposed and degraded, which has less impact on the environment. At the same time, it can also reduce the burden on landfills. It can be discarded directly after use without affecting hygiene. When traveling and staying in hotels , the bed may hide a lot of bacteria and viruses that you can't see🦠, laying a towel on it can help you block the sun. It is also very convenient to use and can be used anytime and anywhere without additional cleaning and maintenance.


✅Environmentally friendly


Let us start from the little things around us and do our part for environmental protection!
Choose biodegradable disposable towels to make your life more environmentally friendly and convenient.

Towel spread size: 70cm x 140cm
Specifications: 1 piece/pack
made in China

AT Disposable Multipurpose Towel

SKU: 5
HK$35.00 Regular Price
HK$25.00Sale Price
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