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What are happening in the world right now are global warming, plastic pollution and destruction of marine ecosystems. Within this course of problems, Able Trillion wants to help the environment to resolve the problems and to contribute to the development of new era plastics.

Toward that end, Able Trillion has developed a wide range of products that use the water-soluble material which is safe, non-toxic, water-soluble and fully biodegradable. The material can be transformed into different product such as bags, utensil, packaging etc. with water-soluble characteristics.

Water-soluble recyclable material that is non-toxic with outstanding performances:

  1. The material can be dissolved in water with different prescribed temperature.
  2. The material can be biodegraded for more than 90% within 180 days in aqueous medium. 
  3. The material meets the safety requirement in terms of heavy metal content.


Daily Packaging – Bags
Medical Laundry Bag
Packaging for Contaminated Industrial Chemicals
Water-soluble Golf Ball
Laundry Liquid Capsules