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Dr. Waste – the Intelligence recycling system, is an incentive-based platform that turn recycled metal, paper, glass bottles, aluminum cans and PET bottles into rewards and benefits. This is the ultimate tool for promoting green initiatives in the eco-system and providing better data to achieve waste and recycling sustainability goal.

With the development of APP and backend support system, that enables us to manage our waste, waste collection and reward. The IoT platform delivers valuable insights into current waste operations and summary reports straight to your phone, including real-time information about the fill level of each bin. Use this data to make waste management more efficient, optimize the collection routes and lower CO2 emission of waste transport.


  • One Main Unit: 920W x 860D x 1900H
  •  2 in 1 Unit: 1720W x 860D x 1900H
  •  3 in 1 Unit: 2520W x 860D x 1900H
  •  4 in 1 Unit: 3320W x 860D x 1900H
  •  5 in 1 Unit: 4120W x 860D x 1900H
  •  6 in 1 Unit: 4920W x 860D x 1900H
  •  7 in 1 Unit: 5720W x 860D x 1900H